Kayla E. founded Kayla’s Kurlz in the winter of 2015.  Kayla was born with naturally curly hair and when she was a little girl, she was often teased by her peers about her naturally curly hair.  This made Kayla insecure about her hair and made Kayla want to have straight hair to “fit in” with most of her peers.  Kayla would also have encouragement from her family who told her that her hair was beautiful and that is what made her who she is.  Instead of wallowing in pity, Kayla began to watch Youtube videos about others who experienced the same plight.  She realized that she was not alone.

Kayla became immersed in watching the videos and continued to learn more and more about embracing and caring for her naturally curly hair.  She quickly realized that there was a need for truly naturally organic hair products targeted for the naturally curly hair individual.

After researching mixing and matching different products at home, Kayla developed her very own organic shampoo, conditioner, and detangling spray. She joined the national YEA Program, Young Entrepreneur Academy, which is a program that takes young students and teaches them how to lay the foundation and start a business.  This is how Kayla’s Kurlz was established. Now Kayla has added beauty products to her line as her company continues to grow.

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